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Chris Conneen, Pizza Gallery & Grill

Chris Conneen, founder and CEO of Brevard County, Florida’s Pizza Gallery & Grill, was concerned when he realized that in his area unemployment had doubled in the past two years — from 6.5 percent in 2008 to more than 12.7 percent today. “We know it’s a luxury to eat out,” says Chris, “and we wanted to do something about that.”

After reading The Go-Giver, our first call to action at Pizza Gallery & Grill was something we call “Mondays Matter.” Every Monday, our pizza and pasta bar is half-price, and all our gourmet pizzas and calzones are half-price — and they’re staying that way every Monday until unemployment comes down.

We followed that with “Take-out Tuesdays”: every Tuesday, any pizza or calzone take-out order goes out at half price. Again, until unemployment in our area goes back down.

We value the true meaning of restaurant, which means “to restore,” and we wanted to do something to help restore our community.

And wow, has every one of the Five Laws come true!

Law of Value: We are definitely giving more in value (our incredible pizza & pasta bar, gourmet pizza & calzones) than we are taking in payment (half-price until unemployment goes back down under 10 percent).

Law of Compensation: We have more than doubled our guest count on Mondays (a 100 percent increase) and have added more staff to make sure we are still providing our excellent service.

Law of Influence: We are intentionally looking at our community’s best interests first, and genuinely doing so because of the unemployment factor.

Law of Authenticity: At PGG, we are in the people business. We knew it was important to meet our guests at the door, especially on this unemployment community service day, with genuine hospitality!

Law of Receptivity: Our community has been sooooo grateful. Our slowest day of the week is now our second or third busiest day and the rest of our week has increased as well.

It is a true blessing to serve others’ needs with an incredible “dining experience” — as it says in the book — at Pizza Gallery & Grill!


2 Responses to “Chris Conneen, Pizza Gallery & Grill”

  1. Eva says:

    This is a great story; everyone wins and all because one party decided to give more than get. Fantastic!

  2. Mark RAGSDALE says:

    Chris is a great, generous business owner!

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